My April TBR & Reading Goals

I can’t believe that March is almost over! This month absolutely FLEW by for me, which is funny considering I was complaining about how February seemed to last a lifetime. I’ve got lots of great things to look forward to in April, including my birthday! I’m still trying to come up with things I want to do to celebrate, including possibly getting some tickets to go to the Brooklyn Museum’s new David Bowie Is… Exhibit. Have you gone to see it yet? I’ve been looking forward to it ever since I first heard it was coming a few months ago.

Another great thing about the starting a new month is setting new reading goals! In general I’m not very strict about my reading goals – I would never want reading to feel like a chore or be stressed about how many books I’ve completed. I do however like to lay out a general idea of what I want to read during the month to avoid the classic “I have nothing to read! I should go buy more books!” situation. So, here is my April 2018 To Be Read (TBR) list:
1. Keep the Aspidistra Flying by George Orwell
I first read this book almost THREE years ago, which blows my mind. I remember I was working a summer job at a movie theater and always got the morning shifts, which meant standing behind the ticket counter for hours without a single person coming in. Naturally, I started bringing books to sneakily read while on the clock. This was the one of the books I read during that time, and was completely taken in by the language and imagery Orwell uses. There’s a reason he’s my favorite author.
2.My Cat Yugoslavia by Pajtim Statovci
I found this book in the $1 bin at my local used bookstore this summer and have been meaning to read it ever since. It’s an uncorrected bound proof version, which means it was never supposed to be sold (OOPS) and may be slightly different than the final published version, but hey, that’s what $1 gets you.
3.Everybody Who Was Anybody: A Biography of Gertrude Stein by Janet Hobhouse
I want to start expanding my reading selection to include more non-fiction, so I want to include one biography, memoir, or non-fiction book each month in my TBR. Gertrude Stein has always seemed like such a fascinating woman to me, but I know so little about her. Honestly, when I think of her all I think of is Kathy Bates’ portrayal of her in “Midnight in Paris”, which is embarrassing to admit. Here’s to learning more about this historic woman.

What books are you itching to read? Comment below what you’re reading now and what you want your next read to be!


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