First Week of #The100DayProject: Thoughts, Plans, and My First 7 Drawings!

Whew! My first week of #The100DayProject is complete! I’ve had a lot of fun so far pushing myself to actually draw something every day. Wednesday night for example, I was so tempted to go to sleep early and just draw two things the next day to make up for it, but that doesn’t count in my opinion. What I want to ultimately get out of this project is the habit of drawing something – even something really small – but something every single day.
My process so far has been much different than I thought it would be. When I started I imagined myself trying to frantically sketch something out during my lunch breaks or on my commute home to meet me goal, but instead I’ve worked my drawing time into my nightly routine. I like to get ready for bed, snuggle in with my sketchbook, supplies, and laptop, and search Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration.

Once I figure out what exactly I want to draw, I usually sketch it out with a pencil and pick my colors. I’ve been trying to use at least one color in each drawing, and one day I even challenged myself to use every color in my market set. I learned that I really hate using pink and purple. The primary colors are my babies and I think it’s time I just accept that. I also can’t believe this set has two different pinks but only one green? And its a lime green?? Honestly… the audacity.

I can’t remember if I’ve talked about it before but I’m absolutely obsessed with the brush pens Muji sells. I got one for free as part of a drink and draw event, and I bought 2 more when grabbing supplies. The next part is tricky because I need to decide how I want to use the color. I’ve found that the brush pens smudge if you try to use the markers on top of them, so I either color the basic shape with the marker first and go over it with the brush, or brush the outline and carefully color it in later.
I’ve also noticed that I use pattern/texture a lot more with these brush pens, which is a style I’m really into right now.

My goals for next week is to break open the dollar store watercolors I got and just have fun with those. I’ve never really fully explored watercolor before , but I’m eager to give it a go, and the stakes are so low I don’t mind at all if they look like rubbish.

Day 1: For some reason I was obsessed with drawing a haunted Victorian house, so this is my go. I was tempted to make this a full series, but I think for my first week it’s good to explore a wide variety of themes

Day 2: I was sitting in a cafe that had a ton of beautiful plants that inspired this page. I usually only really like working with primary colors but I really like the colors in this one. I’m tempted to transfer this over to a more fleshed out digital painting sometime this week.

Day 3: I was looking at traditional tattoo designs and came across a series of space themed ones that prompted this page. I really like this one and am also considering making this into a digital drawing, maybe a gif. I think I’ll make my third week a digital week to explore all of this.

Day 4: Not my favorite day. I wanted to use as many colors as I could because I make my color palette so limited, usually. This day just reiterated my hatred for using so much color, to be honest.

Day 5: -Kill Bill sirens blasting in the background-

Day 6: Maybe one day I’ll make a blog post about my love for the podcast My Favorite Murder and true crime. On day 6, the Golden State Killer was caught after 40+ years, so I decided to illustrate one of my favorite quotes from the podcast, “stay out of the forest”.

Day 7: This is my favorite day so far, I really love this page. I love drawing patterns like the background in this page with my brush pen


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